Monday, August 24, 2015


Hi there and a happy Monday! Asmah here...
I'm excited to share with you my new art journal covers plastered with a product you can get from hardware. This idea came to me after I did some painting work in the house
some time back.

 I used an old book with hard covers and it's perfect for this project.
So here's the putty filler I mentioned just now. This can be easily obtained at your hardware.
Paste the covers with putty filler as thin or as thick as you wish and let dry. It takes approximately an hour to dry by itself. 
 Use fine sand paper to sand off the surface and you will get a smooth texture. Throw away the access.
 This is the result after sanding off the access. 
 I applied modeling paste using gridlocked and old rose prints to create patterns. I made sure the gridlocked pattern is dried before I resume with old rose stencil.
 Next step is coloring process. I used three different watercolor paints on the whole. When the paint is dried, I highlight the roses by using my finger to dab gold paint.
I decorated the front cover with wood flourish, gold gem and little bird sticker
as well as the title for my art journal. To add a little interest, I stamped the corner using artsy border maker
I think less is more concept is just perfect for the back cover.
I hope you will find some inspirations from my tutorial.
Until I see you again next time. Happy creating and thank you for stopping by.

Hugs and smiles,


  1. Wow - this is just so FUN Asmah. Such a neat technique... your book cover is just WONDERFUL. Great texture and seems like it will stand up well to abuse too! Great idea to use those two stencils together - awesome look. The colors are stunning. Thanks bunches for sharing such a lovely project. j.

  2. There's so much texture, so much rich color, so much gorgeous gold... Absolutely stunning!

  3. Love all the texture on this book cover...Stunning project...Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Wow...what a wonderful project!! Love the use of stencil for the texture. Tha page looks stunning! :)
    Suchi xx

  5. Looks amazing. Love all the ways you applied the different texture to create this gorgeous design:)

  6. This is very cool! I love the gold and the roses. :)

  7. The covers are gorgeous and the blend of the teal and gold is wonderful. Such a fabulous idea and awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing how you did it too Karen

  8. love this.. i was thinking you maybe used window caulking but i am guessing yours is a smarter medium?! so awesome... thanks:) putty... here i come ;)


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